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1. A highly successful asian man who achieved success in ways not conceived by Western stereotype.

2. An asian man that is married to or dates an affluent, beautiful, or famous white woman.

3. An asian man that is endowed with a large penis.
1. Jin, a non-engineering major, has found success in book publishing and is consequently distinguished by his white peers as an asian king.

2. Yun, a well-to-do independent book publisher, proposed to his extremely hot blonde girlfriend-- who has an affinity for rich asian-kings.

3. Shaniqwa: "who's that cute Filipino dude?"

Sarah Jane: "Oh that's Jerrie B. He publishes books and has a huge dick."

Shaniqwa: "Really? Must be another asian-king."
#asian dick #white girls #entrepreneur #asian #yellow fever
by cstick20 May 17, 2010
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