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Bad Ass Mother Fucker
"man look at that cool guy, he's such an Ashraf!"
by Anonymous1244 April 25, 2007
A guy with this name is amazingly perfect. What more do you want than an ASHRAF? He is funny, romantic, sexy, handsome,sweet and incredibly hot. He has not only a big heart but also big hands and I mean really BIG. Every guy would want to be an ASHRAF and every girl would totally want to date him. He is also known as MR.awesome and is always mistaken for a hot Korean Hottie because of the childish innocent Asian look. Normally, an ASHRAF would have awesome spiky black hair and wears sexy spectacles. Whatever you do, once you got your hands on an ASHRAF, dont fucking let go ladies. You WILL REGRET IT FOR SURE.
Have you seen Kayla's boyfriend? He is an absolute Ashraf ! I want to kill myself because Im practically so jealous.
by sharifahsyakila July 24, 2011
He is an word play master ,he can also mindfuck people . He gives great advice and he never backstabs his friend mostly honest and trouble maker at times
Man ! this guy is a ashraf!! master of all
by udontknow meah October 25, 2011
One who is so intoxicated that they have to spend the night in the bathroom over the toilet after a night of heavy drinking. This usually leads to embarrassing pictures taken by close friends who eventually print them on t-shirts.
Man did you see how drunk Jenni was last night she had to pull an ashraf just to be able get through the night
by Frosty81 August 04, 2007
A person with a floppy fupa
Man, my wife is such an Ashraf.

Holy crap, my date last night... an Ashraf most definitely.

I can't believe it! I'm turning into an Ashraf!

Can a neggah get an Ashraf in hurr?
by mongoose mobster May 13, 2007

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