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a word commonly used to describe a person with attitude problems who is as changeable as the weather. also used to describe someone with incredible fashion sense.
"this morning she was fine, now she's just a bitch, tht girl is a complete ashling!"
"omg look at those crepz, she's a full on ashling!"
by jamie ! December 22, 2008
1. Irish origin, meaning dreams or dreams of.

2. Its another way of saying or being "Awesome" as in - fears, phuck off fears, we're going Ashling today!
"OMG, I so had a wicked Ashling last night"

"Hey Bob, that was a sweet move in the office today"
"Thanks Joe, I was feeling Ashling all day!"
by ThatGirlThinks November 02, 2011
Someone who you love with all of your heart and the only thing you want to do is let them know how much you care for them and how wonderful you think they are. Especially so when they don't entirely believe you and you're left wondering how to make them understand that they're literally the best person in the world for you and perfect in every way for you.
guynumber1: "So I told her how I felt"
guynumber2: "How did she respond ?"
guynumber1: "Typical Ashling response..."
by DefinitelynotLouis May 17, 2015
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