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Asgarv - almost like lol (laughing out loud), but in Swedish.

A _big_ laugh.
I almost killed the cat - it smelled my sock. asg
by Spuck January 21, 2007
Awkward Social Gathering

A party or meeting that has no real purpose.
A party in which random people are invited who no ties to the group attending.
"Are you hitting up that ASG later?"
"Straight up gangsta! I even invited this kid i just met."
by Chris405 April 24, 2008
All systems go
Just before we departed on the long road trip, I asked the driver, "ASG?" The response was a simple declarative response: "All Systems Go."
by Tezak Gemarxal March 29, 2015

After-Sex Glow
- Brooke, what have you been using on your skin? You've been glowing the whole week
- ASG ;}
- Is that like, Estee Lauder?
- Nope
- Anti...sagging.............grease?
- After-Sex Glow :}
by catfight12 January 13, 2009
Short for After School Gang
in other words, a group of people who hang out together after school
my asg consists of Me, Joe, Bob, JoeBob and your mom
by ASGdefiner February 02, 2005

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