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An expression of anxiety or stress; a representation of tapping your fingers rhythmically against a solid surface. Commonly used when one has no response or does not want to say anything.

May also be used in boredom.
Student: uggh, midterms are starting soon... asdfasdfasdf

Jill: Where is bob? and what is that smell coming from the basement?
Adam: asdfasdfasdf

guy: so... wanna hang out?
bored guy: asdfasdfasdf
by KamiKazeKenji November 01, 2009
1. These letters are typed when people get really bored and they start smashing keys.

2. Something that a weirdo would say when you step on their toes or slap them.

3. A secret code not yet decrypted.
"Yeah its so much fun typing asdfasdfasdf" - not.

"asdfasdfasdf! You stepped on my toes!"

The nerd sits quietly staring at the screen trying to find the hidden meaning of... "asdfasdfasdf"
by Slayer509 February 23, 2010
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