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The most common letters being typed by a person who is not looking at the keyboard while doing so. It is also usually used with jkl; and ashfjkfmn.
Boy 1: asdf
Boy 2: ashfjkfmn
Boy 3: What? I dont understand you...
Boy 1: 12235673323
Boy 3: Oh!
by Hotmailhikers July 30, 2009
6 13
The home row for the left hand on the keyboard. From left to right: a, s, d, f.
Also an acronym to describe an annoying person/n00b in an online game or chat room.
1337 n00b: Hy gauys I just got a bronze sword from kil from killing a boglin, lol i mean goblin!
James: Shut the hell up you are asdf!
1337 n00b: wha?
by astupidsmacktard March 13, 2009
10 18
A greeting, or space filler.
"asdf." or "...asdf..."
by codechino May 21, 2003
27 35
1. Acronym standing for 'ass shit da fuck'.
2. Four letters on a QWERTY-keyboard that are in a convenient row, and are thus easy to type for the purpose of spamming, receiving attention or expressing anger.
1. Guys, this chat is dead asdf asdf asdf...
2. No I lost! asdf asdf asdf asdf...
by gaudetjaja June 04, 2011
1 11
Four of the most vulgar words in the english language (ass, shit, damn, and of course, fuck) merged together to create the god of vulgarity. This word is used only when it is extremely neccesary.

(side not: the conversation below never actually happened, and the person named "trip" does not have a speech impediment, forcing him to talk like a complete idiot, hes is, above all, generally normal, and would not say this)
Trip: Hey! d1d j00 sEe the NeW fInAl FANTASyyy VIDe0?

Ethan: wow. ASDF noob.

Trip: NoOoOoO000oOo!!!1

Ethan: What the hell is wrong with you? I told you to ASDF!

Trip: *owned*
by Ethan April 08, 2005
48 58
ROFFLE. asdf has great power!!! it does. it is THE BEST letter combination (also known as word) EVER. also spelled: ay es de ef

&this has to be the worst explanation you've read ;D you're welcome lolol.
"asdf :)"
"YES AY ES DE EF! geez man dont you know about asdf?...dont dis asdf it'll eat you."
"erm....-walks away-"
by anonymous asdfadsfasdf April 30, 2009
9 22
Anal Slurpin Dildo Fucker ; one who has anal sex with a dildo and "slurps" up the anal liquid afterwards
Two women Leslie and Heather have anal sex with a strap-on dildo and Leslie uses the strap-on. when she is done she licks heathers anus clean. Leslie is an asdf.
by ASUASDFMaN May 03, 2010
8 22