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1. sound noting confusion or disbelief
2. Posing the question, "what is going on."
Etymology: Likely to have come from Scooby-Doo often reacting to the order to go search for ghosts with Shaggy. Picked up in the late 90s.
Hot Girl: He wouldn't let me give him a blow job.
Guy: Aru??! He what!?

Bill: Come here, Joe. We need your help.
Joe: Aru?
by Monk of Justice March 26, 2005
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Dental slang for a puscious cist causing obnoxious gasses to be emitted from the mouth. The odour can often overwhelm those around them causing feelings of nausia or excessive acquiescence.
Careful, the guy waiting in room three is an Arus.
by CptUndies August 08, 2012
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A God who lives amongst the humans of Ghoul Amino.
What are they? An Aru?
by Nimaru April 13, 2017
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Aru is the sound a sad doge makes. Aru is also used for stubborn people who are just uncontrollably sad for no apparent reason and makes the environment of their surroundings also SAD which leads them to be hated most of the time.
Lfrd: Yo Juan , you wanna come with me to club later?
Juan: Nah man , the girls won't want me

Lfrd: cmon dude it'll be fun trust me I'll help you with them too
Juan: nah man then I'll seem like a bitch
Lfrd: oh well suit yourself
Juan: but yo you got fi-
Lfrd: *hangs up phonecall*
Juan: Aruuu
by Peepeerogers August 21, 2016
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The most amazing footballer you will meet. Very Athletic, sexy and cute
Girl: He just scored a hat trick!
Other Girl: He must be Aru!
via giphy
by MessiRonaldo March 15, 2017
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A good way to type the word arse but no one will know what you're typing. Also when you say the phrase its quite a lot funnier than saying arse made even funnier when you're old enough to say arse without getting told off, and youre friends think youre being sad, the same result as when you use mummy daddy bone. Also gives the advantage of sounding like youre saying arse in an irish accent.
"ooooooooooooooow!! you got me right in the arus"
"chris Man grow up you're 45, and you're not even bloody irish!"
by christopher lynch September 24, 2005
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