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someone who makes it sound as if they want to get involved in doin something but wen it comes down to it dey alwayz find some way ta bail out of it; or someone who always seems to have "something else" to do, no matter wat time of day or nite it iz; or someone who can get out of ANYTHING ta save their own ass
Sid: Oh yea dude! that party soundz hella tyte
Nate: aight dude, lets hit it up, ill come get u in 10
Sid: aww dude, i cant... i got hella shit ta do ryte now
(sid is one muthafuckin artful dodger)
by bassjo007 March 25, 2007
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When you are performing the 'doggy style' position to a girl, pull out and stand up quickly, then kick your foot straight into the girls anus.
Pulled of the artful dodger last night, lets see her dodge that.
by Simon74 April 10, 2007
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someone who thinks dodging people is an art and are very good at it, at least thats what i think it is. Fuck it if I'm wrong
Furtherfromdecember spent his last few days of life being the artfull dodger. As he was being stalked by a notorius tough guy who apparently spends time at the gay strip club looking to pay for sex. When he was found by this "tough guy he was decapitated and while his brain still worked was made to look ath the rest of his body spurting out blood.
by Billy L. From St. Louis April 08, 2005
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