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To be beat down, badly. Ron Artest was suspended for assaulting a fan.
"Yo, I punched the guy like 5 times and he was out"
"haha, he got artested"
by Mr. Frosty March 11, 2005
to get what you deserve for throwing water at/confronting a 6'7 260lb man (or just being unlucky enough to sit next to that guy); P.S. Ron Artest never had, made, or plans to make a rap album. He was promoting an R&B group he doesn't perform in.
When Ron slugged that fat pistons fan who got buck in the face, or the time Jermaine O'Neal comes in out of nowhere and clocks a guy in the head.
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
Instead of going to jail for fighting with fans in the league David Stern gives you the year off to work on your much anticipated rap album.
For his fight in the stans the player was artested for the remainder of the season.
by A-Hart November 22, 2004
Bullied; Habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller people. Thug, Ruffian, Aggressively forceful, intimidating.
The power forwarded artested the guard in the low post.
by Peter B. Oliver June 20, 2006
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