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Arsecrisps. A Problem that usually occurs during those hot summer months. It involves sweat dripping between your arse cheeks and drying out, generally causing chaffing around the ring piece thus making you fell as though your arsehole has just eaten a packet of crisps,
My bum is so sore it feels like I've been eating a bag of arsecrisps.
by Buggermint Brady November 23, 2013
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Arse crisp comes the latin term meaning " sore arse".. put simply, you've eaten too much shit food and drank too much. You have the shits to the point the hairs on your arse have cling-on's, giving rise to an "itch or soreness".. like you have a crisp up your arse.. hence.. ass crisp.
jesus man, after last night a have arse crisp!
by tudunk December 16, 2015
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