verb, intrans., UK. To bother or make an effort, esp. in the negative.
"I was supposed to hand in an essay by tuesday, but I couldn't be arsed to write it".
#arse #bothered #encouraged #worried #annoyed
by R. Clayton Jr November 29, 2005
Used as an exclaimation when something bad happens. Used in the same context as crap.
Arses, mysterious chicken stole all of our pie!
by SkuM001 November 27, 2003
"Arse" n. 1. Arse is usually a derogatory term used to label one's posterior or backside or bum or what have you and 2. Arse can be used with the same derogatory inference to describe a person.

In Australian variation English, depending on the context, "arse" might connote something with a more neutral inference adding humour to the flavour of a discussion.

In American variation English, "arse" is usually written and pronounced "ass". In Standard English, "ass" connotes mules or donkeys.

As English has become the 'international language' and many countries have adopted English as their national language as a consequence of British imperialism, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries, over time the language has been adapted to the local landscape and been shaped by various influences. Examples like the 'arse/ass' dichotomy abound.

In Australia, no one gets upset if they are asked if they are "crook". Americans rebound in insulted horror at the use of the word "crook" to describe their well-being.
ex 1. My arse hurts.

ex 2. He's a silly arse.

ex 3. She's good looking, got a great personality, and she's got a nice arse, too.

ex 4. "There are no horses, so you will have to ride on the back of that ass", Joseph said to Mary.

ex 5. David was crook. He raced off into the bush. Later, I gave him some tablets to ease his stomach. But, he told me, he had a bug in his arse.

#arse #ass #posterior #backside #bum #crook #australian english #american english #standard english #international language
by Daza May 07, 2008
A term used by people who don’t like calling people straight out assholes.
Why do you need to be such an arse?
by Unnamed October 10, 2003
Arse is a British English and Hiberno-English term or vulgarism for the buttocks, equivalent to the American English "ass"
Old English ærs, ears, from Proto-Germanic arsaz.

Cognate with German Arsch.

Ultimately from Proto-Indo-European orse (“backside, buttocks”)
Arse over tit beats head over heels any day!
#bum #bottom #buttocks #anus #ass (us)
by goblob March 09, 2011
ARSE: An alternate name for the human enzyme Arylsulfatase E coded by the ARSE gene.
"Could you please hand me that jar of ARSE."
"I think your ARSE gene is acting up."
#arse #arylsulfatase e #bum #bumcrack #ass
by WreckedEm November 14, 2009
British/UK/Australian way of saying bottom.

Unfortunately, the Americans stole it and (as seems to be tradition) americanised it into 'ass'.

There must be a lot of confusion in America with their getting rid of British words and using an existing word instead.
"I ride asses"
"Ha ha! Good for you, you fuck monster"

"Ooh, me arse 'urts"
#bottom #bum #ass #arse hole #shit flap
by JJ4SS May 15, 2006
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