The act or habit of making statements based on pride, self-importance, conceit, or the assumption of intellectual superiority and the presumption of knowledge that is not in evidence or supported by any facts or experience.
"The War in Iraq is similar to the War in Vietnam" stated by Howard Dean is based on Dr. Dean's arrogance and self-importance, and not based on any understanding of current events or direct knowledge of the situation in Iraq.

Senator Kennedy repeating "Lie after Lie after Lie..." is evidence of his arrogance that seems to derive from little more than his family name, and not from his knowledge of the subject matter, or his understanding of events.

Contrast this to ignorance -- for example, claiming that Islam is a Peaceful Religion when in fact the religion is only peaceful to others who submit to it (the meaning of "Islam") and even then it is not peaceful to other "believers" who belong to different Islamic sects. This is not an example of arrogance as much as an example of ignorance, but the act of making such claims is similar to arrogance.
by Dr. Rogers December 13, 2005
Top Definition
what offends liam neeson
your arrogance offends me
by Beaverfan93 November 15, 2010
The assumption that ones self-worth is far superior to others. A false sense of pride. Foolishly believing that everyone is inferior to you, looks up to you, and should bow down to your graces.
Some famous figures with a great deal of arrogance; Tom Cruise, Oprah, Hitler.
by deadporvida December 10, 2007
The assumption that ones self-worth is far superior to others. A false sense of pride. Foolishly believing that everyone is inferior to you, looks up to you, and should bow down to your graces.
Vegeta's arrogance blinds him from the truth, that Kakarot(Goku) will always be stronger than him.
by Juggalo K_C December 24, 2009
A common accusation after one is right, but no one likes the answer.
The arrogance of thinking the earth went around the sun resulted in Galileo being exiled.

The arrogance of questioning the intelligence of Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction is tantamount to treason.

arrogant iraq iraq war treason
by thunder_puck March 20, 2011
When the value one claims for themselves is more than that which they're due.
Those of Humility know their place; those of Arrogance think otherwise.
by I Tried June 25, 2013
A false and offensive display of overbearing superiority or self-importance.
Williamsville IL- full of people who think they're better than everyone else at everything and the have the most arrogance in central IL. When in accuality they lose at quite a few activities. While they might have some good programs, they refuse to see that they are not better at everything. They feel as though they have a right to win and if they lose it couldn't have been a "good game." They proceed to say that they lost because they "were asleep," or they "weren't playing their best," or "the calls weren't fair" or "the other team cheated." They all just need to understand to try to learn from their mistakes and try to get better rather than complain and complain and complain. They also create the illusion that they are the most phenomental school that has ever walked the face of the earth. What they fail to realize is that, while winning regionals a lot is very good, rarly ever getting to State does not mean you're the best school in the entire universe. The bottom line is that the Williamsville Bullets need to get put in their place to get them to pop their HUGE air-filled heads.
by #sorrynotsorry October 03, 2012
A drinking game for which you need:-

1) A coin
2) An empty pint glass
3) Any alcoholic beverage
4) Players

You then sit around a table in a large group. The first person must pour an amount of alcohol into a glass, depending on how confident they are that they can predict the outcome of the coin toss and how much they can drink they pour more or less into the glass, hence the name of the game. They must then toss a coin and call heads or tails, if they are correct then the glass is passed to the next person. If they call wrong they have to down the contents of the glass.
Tom: 'I can predict the outcome of a coin toss every time'
Chris: 'Really, you should be good at Arrogance then'
Tom: 'I'm good at everything, me'
Chris: 'Cool'
Tom: 'Right, *pours half litre of vodka into pint glass*, tails never fails, I predict it will be tails' *tosses coin*

*coin lands on heads*

Chris: 'Haha consume you bastard'
by spazzDUCK August 23, 2011

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