A completely worthless person. A whiny over payed baby. Also know as Arod.Exceptions if you are female.
Mr. Arrington is wasting all of our oxygen.
Mrs. Arrington is a great calculus teacher.
by Arod hata April 11, 2008
Top Definition
Perfect, flawless, beyond compare, amazing, unbroken, untameable.

Pronounced, (air-ring-tin)
That's and arrington piece or art.
by Kylie Cooper February 07, 2008
Sweet, loving fun guy who is down to earth. Will bring out the best in any girl he dates. Loves long lasting relationships and old romance. Great at singing. Will make a great father and spend his time making his family happy. Highly attractive.
That Arrington is a great guy!
by Mee_mee January 20, 2015
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