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A beautiful and down-to-earth person. Someone that when you get to know her, she changes you for the better. She keeps her word and if she cares about you, she will help in any way she can. Smart, talented and funny, one of the best people you will ever meet. If you find an Arriel, you're lucky.
*Arriel walks by*
Person 1: "Whoa, who is that?"
Person 2: "Oh, that's Arriel. You haven't met her?"
Person 1: "No." 😔
Person 2: "Well that's too bad, she's a really nice person."
*Person 1 walks over to talk to Arriel*
by PC dream February 28, 2015
an 'addict', especially to myspace and old man penis. yes, she loves it. usually will be found wearing barbie hair and skinny jeans. an arriel can always seem to entertain herself.
"dude i just found one of my sister's old barbies, and i'm thinking of making a wig out of her hair"

"man, you just pulled an arriel..."
by xzdfgjghcx computer at alex's August 26, 2008

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