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"arpit" is a word in "hindi,national language of india".It means "to give".
"shraddhanjali arpit ki" means tribute was given.
by arpit August 29, 2005
A Hindu name given to males, meaning "perfect" or "virtually perfect"
Everyone strives to be Arpit.
#arpit #perfect #perfection #hindu #name
by Chandrakant January 10, 2009
Its a hindi name...synonymus with a guy being horny !!!!!!
He was behaving like arpit dese days !!!!
#horny #honest #tharki #insensitive #dumb
by topsykrette April 12, 2012
Arpit is usually an indian boys name. A very tall and muscular person. But smells like shit. Most of the boys called Arpit have got mental problems,which make them anti social.

Arpit is usually with friends,taking care of their backs. He likes to shake peoples hand and throw them away/ fling them. He is agent 009 an works for the International Contract Agency. HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE

He thinks he is immortal,but He can be destroyed with A pilot,3 cows,a swimming pool, a watermelon,German guys, Some kid called Tanush who is really strong,and powerful but he does not like to show to get attention,He's shy..
Dont be an Arpit c'mon. :P Get a life kid!
#arpit #loser #009 #agent #killed.
by Cat and Alien July 07, 2011
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