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1. Arpie is an initialization morphed into an acronym. (a retro or redux acronym?) Role Player=RP=arpie. Note the initialization is also contained within the homonym.

2. In complexity theory, RP ("randomized polynomial time") is the complexity class of problems for which a probabilistic Turing machine exists with these properties.

Arpie: Anonymous Role Player Inserting Epiphytics; or
algorithmic randomized polynomial interaction e (2.718282... in geek-speak)
Is that Arpie a Role Player or a Randomized Polynomial? (If the correct answer to the latter is YES, then it returns YES with probability at least ½ (otherwise, it returns NO)
by Recursive Prophet October 14, 2007
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A beautiful, hot girl who knows everything and is really smart. She can give awesome advice and has a real great personality.
by wondercutie April 03, 2009
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A person who Role-Plays
That geek is an arpie
by Inache August 23, 2003
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