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Arpi is so many amazing things.She is the most wonderful person and will become friends with you instantly.She is always trying to make you laugh and smile.She is really shy but once you get to know her you'll be surprised. She doesn't know that she's really beautiful even though she is, oh yes and she's super kind. She would never hurt anyone not even a bitch. She tells you all her secrets the second you meet her. Once she falls for a guy she never stops loving him. Arpi is also really smart but doesn't show it much. She spends her days laughing and smiling and her nights crying. She always picks herself up after she falls, even when no one is there to help her.
"Why is she eating like she just saw Michael Jackson rise from the dead riding in on a wild pig while singing his next hit?" "Oh Arpi"
by Cerealisgr8foryouatnight October 05, 2013
A large-breasted wonder who can't make up her mind about guys. Generally loud and very conceited.
Look at Arpi prancing around with all those boyfriends.
by goodthingsneverlast October 14, 2008
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