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Its something guitarists anymore don't have skill to do , so they chunk away at thier drop tuned garbage to impress another generation of even more brainless kid guitarists.
(kid) Hey , what's that?

(me) That's an arpeggio

(kid)I wish i could do that

(me) You can , you just have to practice more than 5 minutes a day and atleast take playing the guitar a little bit serious.

(kid) But i'm a punk! I don't take anything serious
by Brandon July 19, 2004
A series of three keys on a piano.
Girl,"Wow Bo that was beautiful."
Bo,"Oh it was nothing, just a series of arpeggios."
#bo burnham #lessons to play a piano #arpegio #arpeggios #arrpeggios
by TheBelvin May 19, 2011
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