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1)A technique in rock climbing where you put your elbow and palms on two opposing pieces of rock, creating a wedge with your forearm.

2)A pirate's favorite climbing move.
There's some bomber armbars on that offwidth crack, biotch.
by lone wolfe February 03, 2004
a submission manouver designed to hyper extend the elbow joint forcing an opponent to tap out.

could be found in. jiu jitsu, submission wrestling, professional wrestling,or ultimate fighting.
Lee Murray ( uk ufc fighter) beats jorge rivera in 1:45 of round one via armbar submission
by Li te quiero Cullen February 01, 2004
A grappling move that breaks the opponents arm, usually at the elbow
I finally got landed an arm bar for the tapout
by Sweet MamaJamma February 25, 2005
an amazing cocktail created in ottawa, canada...contains strawberry, vodka, lime, and lychee....ingredient ratios remain a trade secret.
at the bar: i'll have three armbars please
by armbar mixmaster April 06, 2005