A gay ass admin
Ark is a Gay admin
by Creative June 27, 2003
Top Definition
Stands for Auto-tuned Rich Kids
Rebecca Black is the perfect example of an ARK.
by whtefhwtehw August 25, 2011
*ark is the admin of the Blacklight Forums.
Being called an ark is a compliment.
You should be more like ark.
by kolorless January 23, 2009
a common way to say ask
"he said to arks him an' he would borrow me his stolen credit card, innit.
by theWestHamfan December 04, 2003
Acts of Random Kindness

Doing a random kind thing for some one else.
John: I smiled at a homeless guy.

mom: that was a very good ARK; act of random kindness son.
by nata331213 July 26, 2012
The way black people say "ask"
Eh bro, arks your mum if I left my grutts beside her bed last night
by JakeTheRipper June 11, 2007
The term A-R-K is used by people in southern Arkansas to describe where they are from. It's not said ark its said A-R-K.
I'm bout that A-R-K!
by Woo August 31, 2004
A sweet kind, loving and gentle guy, who would love and care for people in his life. He cares for his family a lot, even when they get on his nerves and he is really dorky yet cute and has awesome hair. He loves fruits and strawberry shortcake! He is the perfect guy.
OMG! He is such an Ark, I love him soo much!~
by Shi-chan February 12, 2014

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