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a low budget crappy dms system for car dealerships. Usually used by companies having a hard time paying their bills.
jp: hey guys we're getting Arkona becuz I know how to use it and it saves money
everyone else: crap we're fucked
by mo balla son August 08, 2007
118 33
A lame ass low budget computer system used at automobile dealerships, usually ones that are going broke.
GM: Hey guys were getting arkona and it will save a few bucks i'm a genuis!!!!
All other employees: Man we're fucked, I heard arkona sucks balls!
by weak October 01, 2007
114 35
Whoever wrote that Arkona is a world class dms, is a complete moron and probably an employee of arkona. The thing is a complete piece of junk. BEWARE to any dealers....Before you consider it, go to a dealership that was already duped into getting it and check it out for yourself. You will stay with Reynolds and Reynolds.
GM...we just got arkona dms.

everyone else....why don't we just close the doors and never open again.
by Very unhappy arkona user June 11, 2010
47 8
A world class DMS used by the elite of the automotive industry.
Arkona is great software program
by bdj1 February 08, 2008
31 128