Alternate spelling for Arky, the more common spelling for the slang word used for an Arkansan which is the proper adjective to describe a person born in Arkansas.

My husband is an Arkie because he was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am not an Arkie because I was born in another State.
by pearweed January 31, 2008
Person from the south who came west to pick crops, usually called Oakie, but as long as their family is from the south they are an Oakie or Arkie
by Refried Glory October 11, 2003
A militant christian who enjoys burning abortion clinics and tasmanians. Quietly spoken in real life and on irc an arkie can lash out with little warning or provocation. They should be especially feared when armed with a bible (and in fact gave rise to the term bible-basher).
<arkie> hi
<kadath> hey arks
<arkie> you wanna die you heathen prick?
by kadath April 01, 2003
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