a name now in English name books, meaning beautiful melody in French. There is also a song called Ariette.
Piano teacher: Hello, Ariette. What a coincidence, we're learning a song named after you today.
by ariisaurus March 12, 2009
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A long version of the name 'Aria.'
Aria means an elaborate voice for solo performance whereas Ariette/Arietta means a beautiful melody and/or a string of wonderfully composed music.
It is also a female name for a girl.
Aria: I love that piece on the piano!

Spencer: Thanks, I've been practicing for a long time to perfect it.
Emily: Haha, you're such a perfectionist. Who wrote the song?
Aria: Ariette.
Hanna: Sounds like your name!

Aria: It is, it's an extended version of it. It means something musical.

Spencer: Musical huh? ;)
by psuefan95 July 28, 2011

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