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the HOTTEST JEW in the world right now
damn.. u wish u looked like ariella
by ariella April 04, 2005
The center of my world. The one thing that really gives me my faith. My life. My love. My everything. The most uplifting and brightening part of my day. cheerful, funny, sassy, cute, sarcastic, artsy fartsy, patient, religious, warm, smart, perfection. I think of her when i sleep, eat, work, study, and do it all over again. THE BEST!
by beachbum2248 February 01, 2010
Super hot skater chick with an ef you attitude. Independent, colorful and proud to be funsized and athletic. The type of girl who wont accept the fact that shes drop dead gorgeous when really SHE IS.
Boy 1:Heard you asked out Ariella?
Boy 2:Yeah, and dude she totally drooled over me!
Boy 1:Really now, because I also heard that you were crying when you walked away.
by Misshotmess August 19, 2011
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