Ariana the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return,she might be the type of girl that cares about other more than herself. A girl who completes you with her silliness, kindness, beauty, strength, and protection and more. Nobody could ever compare to an Ariana, Everyone loves being around her. You won’t find anyone else like her. She never lets anything bring her down. most amazing girl you will EVER meet your lucky if you get to be friends with an ariana
ariana is an amazing girl
by Kyle00 November 02, 2013
is sometimes shy and gets offended easily has big boobs and even bigger ass,she never betrays people. Shes a wonderfull kisser and she is very seducive. She is amazing in bed. She has amazing talents!! She will be very succesful when she grows up. The most amazing girl you will ever meet,She loves to read, and is very smart , people usually use her for her smarts shes extremely funny, and always has something to say, or tell people. Shes pretty inside and out,when shes with someone she is very loyal and they are not flirts and they stick with their partners and they dont cheat she has many friends but is more of a listener than a speaker.
GUY 1: i would tap ariana all day and night, shes so beautiful!
GUY 2: i know right, i wish she could take a look at me!!
by ChriIiIs November 01, 2013
amazing girl two words to describe this girl, she has got the whole package although she can be verry irritant and sometimes annoying
Pete #1 -she think she is not pretty but ariana you are
by peterPan October 28, 2013
A beautiful girl who everyone likes. She is very sassy and super popular accordingly. Ariana has hundreds of people falling for her. She is like a flower.
Oh my god, ariana look at her butt
by HONEYDEW January 14, 2015
The most beautiful girl in the Universe even though she doesn't know it. She is one and only. Every guy who looks at her is immediately in love. She is even prettier of she has brown hair. She is like a blue raspberry airhead, can some times be mistaken for just some airhead but really is a treat to have, and is very sweet. But nothing is artificial.
Dude: Duuude, who's that hot girl?
Dude 2: That's Ariana.
Dude: Coooooool. She's sooo pretty.
by idailhfbsjz,vn March 03, 2015
Tits, boobs, breasts,bosoms, etc...
Whoa! That girl has huge Arianas!
by theAnonAdmirer January 13, 2014
The word Ariana means funny beautiful truthful and special she may be stubborn at times but she's all someone you can count on for anything she's has low self esteem but puts on a smile.
Wow dude be like ariana
by Swagmuffinz8 May 12, 2015

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