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cheap tat of the 9 carat variety, largly available from argos stores. Commonly worn by nasty, cheap tarts with 5 kids and a council flat. their first engagement ring (average age 14) will cost £9.99 and be pure argos gold.

proliferation of it in hastings.

stupidly huge hoop earrings, sovereign rings, necklaces (15 minimum), bracelets, those fucking three inch high clowns and dolls... BLING BLING!!
"dya know how much dis cost bruv? 200 dollah, square bruv"

"innit nooiice, 'e got it for me off 'is giro, innit?"
by zug May 07, 2004
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See Argos cash, but where leprechauns/the Irish are involved.
"McKay, your leprechauns have got you a lot of Argos Gold."
by GoddersUK August 13, 2007

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