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Smart,competitive,chill,sweet, serious,adorable,cranky......
Some of the things you can describe an Arevalo. He/she are awesome people that can be annoying but can be the most reliable and trusted person ever. Loves to participate and be well rounded.....but can get really shy at times.......they know when and what is right or wrong but can screw up sometimes with to much courage. Arevalo always follows the rules and if put under some pressure might freak out a bit.At some points they can be workaholic but can have lots of fun by singing or dancing around with friends or family. Arevalo is a very great person and is always on check .....and shit you not....don't loose them as a friend.
L: Hey wanna hang out arevalo?
C:not right now I'm busy but I'll chill with you later sweet thang. ;)

B: so did you finish your work yet?
C: yes, imma go singing later at the karaoke club and chill for a bit wanna come?

S: but I don't know what to say or do to him...I'm worried help me.
C: well just trust me and do this get a little sexy and tell him the truth ...if he still likes you then he still be with you you girl.

C: I can't believe I won 1st place at the world wide singing competition.....I stayed focused and beat those dumb girls.
by timesfast221 September 11, 2013

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