farts brought on by eating whale blubber in the dead of winter; you cannot escape them by going outdoors because its too cold
His arctic farts cleared the side of the igloo.
#igloo #arctic #fart #farts #whale blubber #farting #artic #bananas
by Beelzemuff June 22, 2015
Top Definition
When it's so cold outside and u fart but it is just so cold that the air coming out of your ass is visible.
Person: Did you just arctic farts ?!!?
You: yea
Person: that was a nasty one man.
by Wild Owls Sienna April 27, 2016
When it's so cold you can see the moisture condense from the vapor similar to seeing your breath.
As if the smell wasn't enough, did you see Chuck passing those arctic farts?
by Chas501 April 26, 2016
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