An extremely fucked up band out of Montreal.
"Goodness me, what is that fucked up song playing on the radio?"
"A bunch of crackheads who go by the name of "Arcade Fire." They're weird."
by Joel67 May 20, 2005
Top Definition
With their beautiful lyrics and haunting melodies, this band truley is one of a kind. You can't help listening to them and ending up contented, they are original, beautiful, and Funeral is one of the finest albums I've heard in a long while.
I was listening to Arcade Fire the other day, and I thought "Wow, my taste in music is awesome".
by Rory Joe January 17, 2006
A fine Indie-Rock band so bautiful and gut-wrenching it makes Radiohead almost look at posers.
Grandpa-What's that song on the radio that's makin us weep?
Grandma-Must be Arcade Fire...
by TheCalamar September 26, 2006
A Post-Rock Band with a fuckload of reverb on each instrument.
"Who is this Post-Rock Band with a fuckload of reverb on each of their instruments?"
"It's the arcade fire"
by Gerardd August 17, 2007
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