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ARAMIS: sexy;cute;funny;well dressed;awesome.
omg have you seen that kid aramis ?
he's so hot. !
by mary. November 05, 2008
That kid you knew would be a star even when he didn't know it himself. Turning lemons into lemonade, ice into iced tea and rocks into rock stars. Always a leader following his own rhythm the promise of success beating in his ear. A warrior born to break barriers and climb mountains. He will never stay down. He's a life Ninja and life is kickass good!
He's got that determined look of an Aramis in his eye.

Aw man, you know he'll win that race! He's an Aramis runner.
by MellyMel April 10, 2013
aramis is the most bangable guy in the girls' locker room, he's the anne frank of erections and i'd totally do him. and he smells way better than the Aramis fragrance
"whoa! look at that aramis"
by 4evranangel September 06, 2011
cheap perfume, it sucks.
Person1:"maan this smells disgusting what is it?"

Person2: "It's Aramis For Men."

Person1: "Aramis stinks of B.O!"
by Cheetah01 April 30, 2007
Generally a term used to describe a gay person.
"Aramis thinks he's black and hard"
"Aramis For Men"
by Horwood December 21, 2006
A red-jubby-dub is what an Aramis is.
man 1: where's aramis?
man 2: wha?
man 1: you know, the red-jubby-dub?
man 2: ohhh arraaamis!!!!
man 1: ftw you know.
by Shameless Frank January 08, 2008
1. Chubby little fucker.
2. The biggest tool in the navy.
3. A term used to exercise on a rowing machine with zero results.
4. A smell produced by the armpit.
1. Aww your baby is a amaris
2. Sailor: Go get the aramis to unclog the tollet.
3. I have been working out but i look like amaris.
4. You reek of aramis.
by SitetheMan June 30, 2011
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