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'Arabz' is a word defining a subject person. Also can be called with more 'z' behind it (examples: arabzzz or arabzzzzz). It is an uncommon online-gaming word usually used to refer to a person who lags and/or disconnects out of a hosted game. More commonly, it is used to express unsatisfactory with a newbie gamer who lags behind and thus, makes the game delay and slow for everyone else.

Also to note, the arabz person's gaming performance will drop terribly because of the lag. Worst case to happen is that the lag is so great, that arabz got disconnected from the game which ultimately, annoys his teammates and everyone else.

Historical roots: Several online gaming servers exclude sub-servers specifically made for Middle-Eastern users (mainly Arabian users). Hence these users have to migrate to other 'nearer' servers like European sub-servers (called rooms). Therefore, because of the generally distant connection, Arabian users will lag in games which troubles European hosts and servers.

Trivia: The first gamer to be referred to as an arabzz is not Arabic by origin. Surprisingly, the gamer, whose initial is 'F', is just a common asian player who often lags in hosted games. In fact, it is disputed that why should the word 'arabz' be used to describe such a bad reputation, since even the Arabian players have better game connection than the so-called 'arabz' players.
Example 1
NoobGamer: "Sorry.. I was lagging and cannot do anything well when they attacked us. Im better than this.. damn lag!"
ProGamer: "OMG ARABZZZ!!"

NoobGamer: "Please, can I play?"
TheHost: "Well.. we do have some space left. Your connection to my computer is a bit slow though."
ProGamer whisper to TheHost: "He is just an arabz. Dont let him play with us."
by Losiefer January 28, 2009
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