a cleverly diguised word enables you to cuss some bretherin whom you are vexed with without them realising. Apple pie meaning pie --> sigh --> sii --> simple = dopey, ditzy, not really capable of going into deep conversations in because they get lost in their own thoughts etc...
e.g ::

barney ~ oii, blad mind the-

{some bretherin falls down stairs}

barney ~ (mutters) fucking apple pie ...
by BarneyBwoii. May 05, 2008
The shiz nit. It's the food of all foods. If you don't like it shut the **** up. It's quality.
I ate some damn good apple pie
by Andrew April 04, 2003
the new way of enhancing erections.
(guy talking to mate/guy before date)
have you had your apple pie?
by TheCroft June 05, 2007
when someone is overly hot and sexy..everyone wants a piece of there apple pie.
I know you want my apple pie.
by hannah March 29, 2004
Deviant's sex toy.
Like warm apple pie. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!(Check your slice for hairs!)
by aereilly August 03, 2003
Apple pie is like sex with a woman Believe i know
I like apple pie.
by SongsOfOld October 03, 2003

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