2) A computer system that has much better software than Windows.
1) Apple peels are coated with freaking wax! Who coats a freaking fruit with wax?
2) Apple user: Windows sucks. Windows user: No freaking way you say that. Apple's software is terrible. (Apple user kills Windows user)
by Handle can't be blank. May 03, 2014
a fruit that is made by a tree.(that makes apples.)
Why dont people just say the definition of a apple is a fruit like i wanted?
by lunaneo1007 June 14, 2011
A secret between two people about a person that is about a particular person. That person is referred to as the 'apple'.
Kim: I like apple, it's really tasty.
by iloveboxesoflight February 14, 2011
Similar to a period or exclamation point and used by NeNe, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, to punctuate a particularly cunty remark; derives from name of viewer who submitted question.
I still strip most nights for Gregg, Apple. He loves it. I am a stripper for my husband, Apple."
by FuglySlutSF December 01, 2008
Girl whose stick legs, boy hips, and plank ass are balanced out by nice big cantaloupe tits.
Wendy was an apple, so most guys trying to get with her just wanted to know what it would feel like to pound her E-cups.
by shuttlebutt June 28, 2010
a clean way to call someone an asshole
omg your such an apple.

"i can't believe i dated him he is such an apple.
by ki'yo* May 19, 2009
(n) a solid fruit, usually containing seeds and a stem, surrounded by a skin.
(v) to throw such a fruit into someone's face, causing them pain/humiliation.
1. I love apples.
2. Geez why'd you apple me??
by randolf+slayer April 10, 2009

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