A shortened version of the Apples to Apples rule. When playing a game such as "Apples to Apples" or "Cards Against Humanity"; drawing a new card for your deck that would make a better answer to the question card than you laid down.

It is very frustrating and very common.
guy1: "Aw shit, this card was way better than the one I put down. My original answer doesn't even make sense!"

guy2: "Dude, you got appled."
by Rya November 19, 2012
Top Definition
What happens when you buy an Apple product and a short time later they release a new and better version of the same product for a lower price.
"I had just spent my own 2300 dollars on the PowerBook G3, and then this widescreen PowerBook G4 was released like three months later. This was the very first time I felt apple'd." - Paul Miller

"Man, I can't believe they've released a new iPhone already, I was so just apple'd."
by XeroCint December 30, 2009
The act of purchasing a new shiny Apple product, only to have Apple release a newer, faster, shinier version of the same product a short time later.

Particularly relevant after signing a two year contract with AT&T in order to purchase an iPhone.
David: I just a bought a new iPhone 3Gs! Isn't it awesome?

Me: No, no – the new iPhone 4 comes out next week! You got Appled!
by mattsbecker December 08, 2010
Censorship or obstruction of an idea, work or method through means of micromanagement or excessive control, often unnecessary or without proper reason.

Exemplified by the dispute between Adidas and Apple in October of 2010, from which the term originates, in which Adidas canceled a $10 million contract to advertise through iAd because "Apple CEO Steve Jobs was being too much of a control freak."
I was unable to repair my car because the manufacturer appled the powertrain and I need to order parts directly from them.
by Quixotico November 27, 2010
Submitting a program, proposal, or just about anything that is up for approval, and having it get rejected with no explanation as to why. Derived from the policies of the Apple App Store.
Programmer 1: I submitted a sweet 'am I hot or not' app to the store.

Programmer 2: Did they accept it?

P1: Hell no
P3: Well why not?
P1: No idea; it just got Appled.
by Martropolis September 01, 2009
The act of dispersing rotten apples into your asshole neighbors yard during the middle of the night.
Karma's a bitch. You've just been appled.
by Husonators January 01, 2012
to become involved with every club, organization, intramural, or work study job possible at the risk of losing one's own sanity (often occurs by the inability to say no when asked to volunteer).
Person 1: "Hey, I heard you were elected President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the class! Congratulations!"

Person 2: Yeah, I kind of got appled into it.
by KCOM March 25, 2010
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