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The shell of a pen (without the ink refill) that a crack whore can use to smoke her crack.
crack whore: hey can I have that pen?
john: why?
crack whore: 'cause i need to use the shell as an apple stem.
john: what's an apple stem?
crack whore: it's the pipe I use to hit the rock.
by crackfiend December 15, 2007
An apple stem occurs after having anal sex. When the male tries to urinate after he removes his cock from the asshole, an apple stem comes out (The crap build-up in his urethra)
After I was done banging Melissa in the ass, I had to take a gnarly piss. Nothing but an apple stem came out!
by Terberger September 09, 2006
Heavily packed fudge in the urethra of the male partner after anal intercourse.
An apple stem is what you get when you & your male partner slap back door skins. Feces is deposited into the urethra of the male fudge packer (usually during heavy packing). The male fudge packer then tries to urinate but only apple stems come out.
by mace t September 07, 2006
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