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The kind of anxiety usually expressed by the physical or mental desire to jump up and down, screaming and banging hands on chest or head on walls.

Pre-dates the shortened but now more common variant "apeshit."
My roommate just deposited my mail at the bank and dropped my bank-deposit in the post-office box, for the third time! I'm going apeshit-crazy!
by Buggy July 03, 2006
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an avanced version of ape shit
by truth {906} August 18, 2007
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When a person gets so mad that they are about to start throwing shit, like apes do.
you: Did you hear that Rachel cheated on Greg?
me: Yeah, he went all ape shit crazy.
you: i though he was about to start throwing shit, like the angry monkeys at the zoo.
by {NH} March 07, 2011
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