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Shortening of 'Hey, Yo, You.'
You'll hear Lyfe Jennings say it in his songs
Opening line from Must Be Nice by Lyfe Jennings: "Hey yo you (AOU), you that just flipped on this CD player, I just wanna inform you that when ya got somebody good, you hold onto 'em."

S.E.X. by Lyfe Jennings: "Hey yo you (AOU), now see, most cats would take advantage of you right now, but I ain't gon' do that ya heard. I'ma give you the game, right. I'ma give it to you because..I don't want somebody to give my little girl the game, when she done found her S.E.X."

person: AOU, pass the henny my way.
by LilKB March 04, 2008
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shorented version of "I dont know"
Whats the capital of uruguay?
by Gusto March 22, 2005

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