Shortened version of the word Anhydrous, used to refer to methamphetamines made with Anhydrous Amonia.
I'm sick of this ice. I want some good ole-knock-ya-on-yer-ass any.
by WickitKl0wn June 07, 2005
Top Definition
getting some.
Did you get any from Sara last night?
by Ali November 02, 2003
A generic prefix for any statement of fact.
Any chi chi man
Any dickhead
Any fool
Any Nsikan
by Ebo December 11, 2003
The rolled and tied rubber bit at the end of a balloon.
"While messing around with balloons, Bob choked on the anys."
#balloon #anus #anis #anise #ants
by buttley mc butts November 26, 2013
An Anies is a guy who is obcessed with money, can't keep a relationship, treats girls badly but will charm them, liar, cheater, don't trust the anies
girl 1 : awe not again!

girl 2: what happened?
girl 1: I got cheated on again, he told me that he was serious about me so I'd always drive up to see him but all we would do when we hung out is have sex.. looks like i was being used
girl 2 : damn girl that boy pulled an anies
#asshole #money #cocky #cheater #anies
by persian x December 24, 2010
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