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A word used to describe people who are oppsed to the Church of England (founded by Henery the 8th) being the default state church.
"Daddy! Daddy!" Wailed timmy, "that man there is following the meathodist church! Lets impose our view about how he should be following the Church of England!"

"No son" ejaculated Daddy, "for that man is an antidisastablishmentariast so he will be immune to all our propaganda."
by Khuskan November 30, 2004
longest real word in dictionary, peeps use so they sound clevar
ross- yeah yeah what eva
kate- nowt like a antidisastablishmentarianism

ross-ur a right swat
by mezlizt April 20, 2011
A long and entirely useless word for racist, used by posh gits to try sounds funny and intellgent.
Broadcaster: Listen to those antidiseststablishmentarianism chants by the Spanish fans!

Other Broadcaster: Those what chants!

Broadcaster: Antidisestablishmentarianism chants!

Other Broadcaster: WTF!?!?!

Broadcaster: Haha, you're stupid!
by Jimjo February 27, 2005
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