When a guy is anticipating getting laid in the very near future, and is so excited about it, the anticipation he's feeling gives him an erection.
Tyler: Well I'm off to Kelly's to go get laid!!!

Alex: Dude, what the hell is that, why are you hard already??!!

Tyler: Oh, that's just an Anticiperection, I must be really excited about this!
by Terrell Brownes November 07, 2010
Top Definition
(noun): An erection resulting from anticipation of a future sexual encounter.

Coined by the FX Network Original "The League."
"He gets a boner when he's scared!"

"I wasn't scared, man, I'm seeing a girl later--this is just an anticiperection."
by Audiopheliac November 04, 2010
a pre boner to a forthcoming boneriffic event.
"I'm so pumped for Saturday im getting an anticiperection.
by mshock95 December 18, 2010
When you get a boner in anticipation of a good night or seeing a girl
wtf is that! we haven't even stepped foot in the club yet

ah shit i got an anticiperection
by Imadogg November 06, 2010
1) An erection that comes with the anticipation of knowing you are about to get laid.

2)A premature erection that is brought upon by the thought of sexual activity.
Jimmy was so excited that he experienced an uncontrollable anticiperection when his date started to unbutton his shirt.
by JiNxskiLz November 05, 2010
Getting an erection from anticipating what you plan on doing with somebody in the near future. This was referenced on 11/4/10 episode of The League.
"I wasn't scared. I just...I'm going to see a girl and I have an anticiperection."-- Kevin from the League
by Clark Cunt November 05, 2010
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