1) An alternative addiction to drugs.

2) In fan terms: the opposite to a crack pairing. An OTP that is cannon.
1) Manga is my anti-drug; because when you're addicted to manga you can't afford drugs.

2) Harry/Squid is my Crack OTP and Ron/Hermione is my anti-drug.
by EmilyMM September 19, 2009
Top Definition
Not doing drugs or masturbating
Johnny: The internet is my anti drug
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 23, 2009
A object or activity that one uses to avoid the temptations of marijuana. Frequently used by the Truth people to get kids to stop smoking blunts.
|M|A|R|I||J|U|A|N|A| my anti-drug.
by JBackman February 05, 2004
Welp, its something that replaces a harmful obssesion, such as cutting , or drugs , or something else harmful.
They're are lots of anti drugs, yaoi , music, yuri, anime, MCR
Hope this helped~
Kamka : Yaoi is my Anti drug
Rayna : There's something wrong with you child.
Kamka : Ha! I know
by KAMKA June 29, 2008
When a harmfull substance or action is replaced with another, less harmfull substance or action, it is being replaced by an antidrug.
Person 1: Softcore pron is my antidrug.
Person 2: Uh... for what?
Person 1: Hardcore pron... duh
by Agent NeKo January 19, 2004
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