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Worst College Football QB Penn State has ever seen...
1: How did Anthony Morelli do today?
2: He passed for 1000 yards and scored 18TD.
1: Who cares he still sucks

You can't ever see his name in newspapers without Interception next to it
by Avais Khan October 08, 2007
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Mediocre quarterback that plays for the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lion football team. He was highly touted as a high school player and while he has not had the success at Penn State that everybody had hoped, he actually might have a chance of playing in the nfl because he has good mechanics and with the right organization and coaching he could grab a roster spot.
fan1: "Anthony Morelli is sacked again for the fifth time this quarter"

fan2: "3 of those sacks werent his fault, our offensive line blows"
by James Tussey December 11, 2007
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