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To act in service to a higher i.e. more noble cause, a greater good. Often indicating an action undertaken at the behest of a Higher Power, such as a supreme being or deity, or some conception of justice and the morally right; motivation for personal growth and/or individual sacrifice for the greater good.
The lawyer quit her lucrative position as a private defense attorney and instead became a low paid public defender because she was answering a higher calling.
by Nacho Momma May 04, 2015
5 Words related to answering a higher calling
1. quitting, especially if done so prematurely.
2. abandoning one's post
From Alaska governor Sarah Palin's speech on her decision to abandon her post as governor before her term expired.
Wide receiver: "Hey, where are you going? It's only the start of the third quarter!"
Quarterback: "See you later chump. I'm answering a higher calling."
by Fe-ic July 06, 2009

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