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An amazing person. Smart, funny, overall awesomeness combined into the a person of skill.
by dadhgaskdl March 10, 2013
A clever person,
Rays of sun, It is originally a Hindi word
He is very anshul.
Anshul is now brightening the sky.
by Anshul Chaurasia April 02, 2007
Noun. someone who interupts masturbation via gmail.

Verb. interrupting masturbation via gmail
Noun: god ur an anshul! u cock blocker!

Verb: Oh shit u anshuled me!!!
by uknowatitis January 20, 2008
An awkward paperclip-storer that sings a mug of coffee into a painting of speaker systems.
Dude, you need to start using an Anshul.

Wow, ur so good, you might be an anshul soon!
by wowwowowowowowowowwwwwwwwwwwww April 25, 2013