a rather funny disorder where already perfectly fine looking people develop a fear of getting fat thus starve themselfs and begin to look like stickinsects and/ or famous people
they are also attenction seekers who take photos of them selfs and put them on mypace
little know fact Jonny Vegas beat anorexia
by ***tom*** October 28, 2006
The only dieet that works..
You can lose 15 pounds in no time.. you can order my book how to anorexia for only 15 dollar..
by Alessio June 23, 2003
A self-inflicted disease, that appears mainly in rich teen-aged girls with low self-esteem. They stop eating because they think being a walking skeleton is pretty, then they die of starvation.
"What's the deal with anorexia, anyway? It's just suicidal behaviour, really."
by Tough November 19, 2003
A "disease" that some people worship, some people dispise, and some people think that they didn't do it to themselves. It's where you eat and puke, and repeat. Until you're dead. :) End of definition. Synonyms for the affected victims include fucked-up, loser, poser, dumbass, and stupid.
I am anorexic so my supposedly gay friend will fall in love with me and my gorgeous hideously skinny body.
by DaMasterofDaunderworldz!!1! July 13, 2003
when ya go pig out on sum grub and then throw it up later
the anorexic dude threw up his shit sandwich two hours after eating it
by j4x0r March 25, 2003
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