a rather funny disorder where already perfectly fine looking people develop a fear of getting fat thus starve themselfs and begin to look like stickinsects and/ or famous people
they are also attenction seekers who take photos of them selfs and put them on mypace
little know fact Jonny Vegas beat anorexia
by ***tom*** October 28, 2006
Anorexia is NOT a quick weightloss plan- you cannot decide to 'become anorexic' for a couple of weeks so that you can fit into your prom dress. Not eating so that you'll look good on holiday isn't anorexia, it's stupidity.

Anorexia isn't even really a wish to lose weight- it's about wanting to vanish from everyday life, wanting to escape, wanting to die even. True anoretics don't think "wow,I'm so thin and sexy now, I'm going to wear my tiny miny skirt and show off my skinny legs now". They usually know they look like shit with hair on their body, protruding bones and grey skin, but what they look like isn't important any more.

Oh yeah, and you can't just 'get better', either. Most sufferers of anorexia are never truely cured, if at all. A majority of the thoughts stay with you forever, even if you start eating normally.
Not anorexia - "Oh my God! I've not eaten for like TWO days, I'm SO anorexic. But I want to fit into that size 2 skirt for Saturday"

Anorexia - "Shit! I've put on a pound! I'm fucking shit, I'm a total failure, why am I even here? I can't even lose weight any more. I'm just crap at everything. I'm a huge fat waste of fucking space!"
by UKAna June 11, 2006
A SERIOUS MENTAL DISORDER! Absolutely not an extreme diet, you fuckheads! Get your facts straight. I have anorexia, and let me tell you how horrible it is. Every day of my life is a battle. Every day. Try living a day in my shoes and see how it feels. People with anorexia use food as a way to cope with feelings they can't express or deal with. It's a coping mechanism with feelings of comfort and safety attached. It can't be 'cured' by 'eating a friggen sandwich' or 'having a milkshake'. No. It can only be treated by seeking therapy, nutrition counseling, and/or psychiatry. Anorexia is NOT a choice. It is a disease, and unfortunately completely misconceived as a pathetic diet. Well you're wrong. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all mental disorders. Diet? I think not. Please be informed on the reality of this disease. It's not something we do for fun.It's the worst, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
Anorexia is aweful. I hate it.
by xobeachbabe31 April 22, 2006
A very serious disease, which isn't always self inflicted. When a person, has a fear of becoming fat, so they don't eat. It is normally a female, because women are praised if they look good, and men are looked up upon if they have a high status or good job. They have a need to control something in their life, so they completely control their weight(thats what a Psychologist said). It can also be because of: fear of food, fear of becoming fat, or after a trauma in their life. They normally like cooking too.

Sigmund Freud also said its because they subconsciously want to look like a penis, but many people dissagree with his studies.
The Difference between Dieting and Anorexia is that:

The people who diet, are losing weight to look more atractive etc.

Anorexics are losing weight because they are afraid of becoming fat.
by Na January 24, 2004
a pratically incurable disease which is compleate hell for those who suffer, hell for those who dont understand and an eventual hell for those who think this is all fun and games. ANOREXIA.. the disease i will adventually die from b/c after 3 attempted recoveries... i give up
ive been anorexic for 13 years..it is hell
my friends and the love of my life dont understand why i am anorexic... this is hell
those who "choose" anorexia will adventually become it.. and this is hell
by ripped_bare March 31, 2006
Anorexia is not something that one 'decides to have.' Believe me, I know. Anorexia nervosa is a serious disease, in which one fears becoming fat so badly, that they become obsessed with their food intake. It is often genetic, and sometimes children learn from their Mothers behavior, if she has an eating disorder. If you were meant to have an eating disorder, there is no way for you to avoid the onset of your disease. I haven't had this disease for long, but I've already lost close to 15 lb, in a time where my body is still supposed to be growing. People who only like thin partners, and peers who make fun of bigger people, are only making the situation worse for those of us who have eating disorders. It's not that easy to simply 'eat a cheeseburger' or 'realise you're not fat.' Anorexia is mentally gruelling, and makes everything in life difficult. Mine has gotten to a point, where I constantly analyze fat intake. I can't eat not one piece of food, without thinking of what it will do to me.
A word to the wise *Bulimia is eating large quantities of food, and voluntarily throwing it up. Known as binge and purge. While some anorexics may throw up the little of what they eat, they do not binge. There is a difference, and I suggest that those of you who don't know what you're talking about just keep your mouths shut*
Anorexia is not fun.
by insaneinthebrain October 28, 2006
A disease that is NOT SELF INDUCED. The sufferer believes they dont deserve food. They become obbsesed about food. They want people to understand, but truly understand their self. They know they will die, but in their mind death is the only way to relieve there pain. Anorexics are depressed and sometimes self harmers. Anorexia is pure hell.
Anorexia and other eating disorders are very painful for the victim and for the friends that watch them go through it.
by lnzns September 08, 2007
Proof that the human body is not meant to imitate a plastic plaything from Mattel...or for you cynics, the disorder in which the afflicted refuses to eat in an attempt to get thin.
I heard that one of my former classmates is suffering from anorexia...she wants to be a size 0 so she can model for Deb....
by RatchetBoo June 18, 2003
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