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proper noun. a very passionate beautiful and graceful young woman in her teens who seeks independence and has a strong will for rebellious behavior to authorities such as parents, who also has a natural talent of making people feel good about themselves and have a good time
Annalee is a person who attends school with me and is very awesome (my sister :D)
by lil bro December 11, 2007
An annalee is a girl who makes really good food and who is always trying to find a job but she can't. Sometimes she is mistaken for a mexican, somtimes a arab, and sometimes a persian. She is short and is attractive to almost any male person from any race.
Males: Let's go hang out at the hot tub.

(suddently they see an Annalee sitting in the hot tub)

Males: hey, hi, hola, hello, sawtedkrop, buenos

Annalee: I am fully awesome!
by Bouks February 04, 2010

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