A really fit girl, she is really funny and has a very posh voice , a great laugh to be with. you wont find a nicer person. you would be lucky to have a friend like her!!
by cool kid 245678 October 03, 2012
A funny, tall, talented girl that usually tries to make herself different than everyone else (i.e. Dyes her hair pink, tattoos, piercings). She loves to do anything that her friends are doing and is very compliant when it comes to her friends' decisions, which is sometimes a problem when she has to decide something for her friends. Also enjoys junk food and music.
girl 1: Whos that girl with the purple hair?
girl 2: Must be Annabel!

guy 1: Wow, that Annabel really knows how to draw!
guy 2: Yup, she's a real artist! I hope I marry someone who's at least half as cool as Annabel.
by Ocean dweller November 23, 2012
Surprise Butt Sex
Ex: *starts surprise butt sex* *screams* ANNABEL!!!
by crashbanditcoot June 07, 2014
eats salad all day ery day
Who the fuck eats salad at school?
Annabel. DUHH!!
by Mar 25 2010 March 25, 2010

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