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A now comonly English name, deriving from 'Grace'. Parents adopt this name when they realise they give birth to something truly beautiful.
Queen Anna Lance.
the first blonde queen of ireland
by JaAnMnEs October 01, 2008
260 118
the most sweet, loving person, always there for you never letting you down. tends to be senstive but is always honest and willing to try stuff. will tell you off if you mess with her, almost always comes off weak but stronger than you may think. in general easy to love and has lots to give
"your acting like such an anna today"
by easytolove April 03, 2010
176 72
The most amazing girl on the planet. She is cuter than any other girl even though she may not admit it. :p She says cute things like yuppers, yuppie, nofin, and pwease. She is an amazing artist and baker. She met the love of her life in August. She writes smileys like (: She has my heart now and always will. She takes my breath away with every "I love you". I love you more Anna! :p
She is nice but she is no Anna!

Q: Do you know who is cuter than Anna?
A: Nothing!
by ILA <3 November 20, 2010
109 54
Is a fun luvin fanny
Hey Anna you make me laugh you fanny
by Victoria89999 April 30, 2010
97 42
If there was an award for the most sweetest, cutest, elegant smile it would be Anna. Her body was sculpted by god himself. She could turn your worst day completely around, if it its your first time talking to Anna be careful looking into her eyes, or you WILL be hypnotized. If you see the most perfect girl, you dont even have to ask her name..
dave: OMG... *rolling back and forth on floor*

me: the hell just happen??

dave: OMFG... anna.. *rolling back and forth on floor*

me: no flippin way!! "THE anna"???

dave: *passes out*
by youdidnthearthisfromme February 11, 2011
85 38
The most beautiful, funny, wonderful, easy going girl you could ever meet. Someone you just fall in love with at first sight and it grows every day. You know when you're with her that there's nothing in the world you wouldn't do for her. You will give her your heart, your life, your trust and anything else you could possibly give her. You would die for her in a heartbeat and defend her in front of anyone just because you care. She will change your whole life and you'll love her even more for it. Anyone would be truly blessed to have an Anna in their life. And until you do have one you'll never really understand just how great she can be.
Wow!! Look at Anna!! She's so gorgeous!!!
by lookout he'sgotagun June 30, 2011
64 23
the defenition of an anna is a girl whu is sweet,cute,sexxy,gorgeous,pretty,hot, an angel.once u meet an anna u gotta make sure not to loose her becouse ur life wud not be as fun as befor. she is funny n just plain amazing if u need her for anything she will be there for u no matter what.she is really sweetn she knows how to party n when i mean party i mean party hard n shes really fun to be around n she iss an one gud kisser n if u ever meet an anna make sure too be friends with her it will probly one of the best things tht can happen in your life (:
anna iss just plain amazin

u just gotta love anna
by mrr steal yooo girl March 26, 2011
62 25