hmm.. looks like we have another dumbass here. you seem to have a good arguement against people who are obsessed with anime, but you dont realize that you have no reason in your arguement to hate anime yourself. i guess you just proved that other guy right, you hate it because it is popular with the loser crowd, not becuse you think there's something wrong with anime. preps are fucking bastards, jocks too. i'm not saying i have anything against football becuase "i was unable to join the team ", it's becuse i hate those egotistical dumbasses who think they're better than everyone else becuse they can throw a ball. and really, why would he want to join a team of ass-slapping, dumbasses just to get beat up? he would almost be a bigger dumbass than you by joining a team for the reason of getting beaten up.
good luck with "McDonalds". i'm sure you definitely deserve to work in such a great facility as that if you can't even spell it.
well i'm glad you're proud for you on that 1.5 "GPA", (rounding that off with a nice C+ in science for giving your teacher head but lowering that down with a D in grammar). yeah, nice little play you wrote too, it was about as entertaining as a 10 year old runnning the special olympics. and both of you are wrong on one thing, the stereotypical anime weakling geek and the anime-hating jock. i have a friend who likes anime, although not quite obsessed with it as others, and he has joined a football team and kicked plenty of ass.
and why are you here on your computer anyways? itsn't it too "nerdy" for you? shouldn't you be going out and slapping your friends asses and throwing around balls while your parents spoil you and bribe your teachers into giving you good grades so you can go the most snobby-est, most expensive college they could afford?
seriously they should ban dumbasses like you from the internet....
by ass January 27, 2005
One who has a particular dislike for anime because of the different style of animation, the generic plots and characters in some anime, the fact that some anime can be pornographic and possibly a distaste for the number of people who like anime. The common anime hater will usually have no actual reason to hate anime besides that it may seem weird as the animation is a bit strange at first. Others may hate it because there is some anime porn or "hentai" which is meant for an older audience and although most anime does not contain any pornographic material there is still some out there that does so anime haters generalize all anime to be pornographic causing a hate for anime. Also there is a large amount of anime out there that can be classified in the fantasy genre (most anime in this genre are very badly thought out and plots seem too feel cheesy and generic) a large number of anime haters just don't dig the fantasy genre. Some people may just hate anime because of particular fans that they know. Some anime fans choose not to tell anyone that they are an anime fan because there may be someone in their school who talks nonstop about anime so they feel awkward mentioning to anyone in school. People also may not want to watch anime for the same reason, that reason being that they may know a HUGE anime fan who talks nonstop about it and so it makes anime seem weird to them.
Because of his extreme distaste for it's style of animation the anime hater flagged an episode of Cowboy Bebop angering fans of the show.

The anime hater explained to her friend that she thought anime seemed stupid to her and that she did not want to watch it.

When the anime hater stated that all anime was gay I replied "although most anime is rather dumb around 10 shows actually stand out as very entertaining and original.
by althealchemist May 12, 2008
People who dislike Japanese cartoons (aka anime). They dislike it for a variety of reasons and some are listed below:
-Not very realistic at times, too exaggerated
-Too much tentacle rape
-Not American/English/Etc.
-Boring, repetitive stories

Remember, those are just a few examples of reasons and we're not here to debate why anime hating is right or wrong.
Jock: Stupid anime geeks.
Anime person: Why do you hate us? Why?! Why?! -_-'
Jock: It's drawn all crappy and stuff. And what the hell is up with the tentacles raping women?
Anime person: Oh that...damn anime haters
by OMouse November 14, 2005
Plural of Anime Hater.
Anime haters: Anime is far too overated.


Anime haters: You know, you aren't doing much to change my opinion on the subject.

by Nordic September 03, 2006
Some one who dislikes anime because they find it no different from any other cartoons (american or w/e the hell country). They also dislike anime obessors because anime is so stupid and the people who obsess over anime have no lives and will always deny that they have no lives. They also hate the fact that anime obsessers think they can do what ever anime characters can do.

Anime hater: Wow, you are truely obessesing over a mere drawing. You have no life and try to relate to drawings and fictional characters to escape the grim reality of your situation. You sir, need to get a life and get out of the house.


Anime hater: You know, just because you obsess over the show doesn't mean that you can act like a cartoon character.
by AnimeSuxks February 26, 2008
1. Someone who despises anime because of beliefs, personal taste, or opinion, often related to issues such as patriotism, sexuality, and literature.

2. Someone who dislikes the pop culture associated with anime.

3. Someone who is labeled by an anime fan for critisizing an aspect of it.
person: I don't like anime.
anime fan: You closedminded anime hater!

person: Nice bunny ears loser!
anime fan: ^_^

person: Anime is demoralizing and demotivating our youth.
by Tjaart Blignaut September 20, 2006
People who dislike anime normally because they've got something against Japan. Personally I think the'se people are fools because I showed my friend -who said anime was the gayest thing ever- Naruto and he was hooked (not to the dub though)
Stupid fool at a mall:Hey Stupid anime lover,anime's gay
You: Oh yeah??!?!? Well then damn Anime Hater... *Beat the living shit out of them and get banned from the mall like I did* How's that, i learned that from DBZ HAHAHAHA!!
Them: ORO!!!! (lol just kidding)

But I love anime so much and if you make fun of it i will kill you because even popular people like me and my friend like anime.
by Asuka May 05, 2006

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